Plums: Super Snack with Health Benefits Aplenty

Practically any fruit makes for a healthy, nutritious snack; and plums are a particularly good snack, packed with goodness. Plums and their dried version, prunes are so good for health, that they are sometimes described as ‘super foods’ – low in calories but high ...Read More

Cinnamon: The Super Spice

The sweetish flavor of cinnamon may be just the perfect addition to a cup of frothy coffee and it may add just the right amount of zing to your morning toast, but cinnamon is about more than just great flavor. Studies conducted in laboratories ...Read More

Orange: The Fruit of Sweet Abundance

The humble orange, with its tart-sweet taste and distinctive fragrance may be one of the most common of fruits, but it is packed with goodness. Each part of this fruit is useful. This fruit has been cultivated in tropical and sub tropical regions for ...Read More

Jasmine: The Heavenly Smell of Goodness

The small, insignificant looking jasmine flower possesses what is one of the most heady and intoxicatingly beautiful natural fragrances in the world. Long cultivated for this essential oil and perfume, the jasmine flower (which is not one type but consists of about 200 distinct ...Read More

Mango: Healthy As Well As Delicious

Mango is known as the king of fruits – the delicious, fleshy, flavorful fruit is the very epitome of nature’s bounty and an indication of summer’s arrival. We know that the mango is one of the most sensuously satisfying of fruits and also that ...Read More

Chinese Herbs for Fertility: What the Studies Say

Product manufacturers and even doctors do make many claims that may not be strictly accurate. Most of us would like to believe claims made by makers of ‘herbal medicines’ because we perceive these to be more natural, safer and as having fewer side effects. ...Read More

Apple: The Fruit that Keeps Doctors Away

Apple is one of the healthiest, low calorie super foods that is sought after by all the health enthusiasts. Scientifically known as Malus Domestica, apple is a pomaceous fruit, belonging to Rosaceae family. Besides the medicinal benefits, apples are delicious when eaten raw, in ...Read More

Black Currant: The Abundant Source of Vitamin C

Black Currant, scientifically known as Ribes nigrum, belonging to family Grossulariaceae, is a small black berry that grows in bunches, having a distinct sharp sweetness. Though they appear to be black, these berries are deep red, blue or purple in color due to the ...Read More

Brier Hip: The Dog’s Rose

Brier Hip is a deciduous shrub, belonging to the family Rosaceae, botanically known as Rosa Canina, which is a variation of wild rose. It grows in Europe, Australasia, Western Asia, and northwest African regions. It is small plant that reaches a height of 2-13 ...Read More

Chamomile: The Magical Healer from Ancient Times

Chamomile, also known as Camomile is a daisy like plant, though smaller in size, belonging to the family of Asteraceae. The name is derived from Greek words, which roughly translates as apple of ground, because of its aroma strongly resembling that of an apple. ...Read More

Dill: The Seasoning for Good Health

Dill, referred to as dill weed, is a culinary herb found in Europe, Western Africa and Central Asia, growing in fertile soil with warm summer climate. Scientifically known as Anethum Graveolens, belonging to the family of Apiaceae, dill is an aromatic perennial herb, of ...Read More

Marigold: Beautiful Flower with Medicinal Properties

Not many people who grow marigold in their garden know of its medicinal values. The herb, also known a calendula officinalis, belongs to the family of Asteraceae of daisy family. Since ancient times, the herb has been extensively used for culinary and medicinal purposes, ...Read More