Spinach: The Open Secret of Popeye’s Energy

Spinach, scientifically known as Spinacia Gleracea is the food popularized by the cartoon character Popeye, who gets instant strength from its consumption. Spinach leaves are boon for people trying to lose weight, as well as to those trying to bring down cholesterol level, as it is very low in fat and cholesterol. The food is good for overall good health, and is known to keep away diseases, in addition to helping people recover from their illness quickly.

Though native to Central and Southwestern Asia, the herb is now consumed by people all over the world. The food which can supply many of the necessary nutrients is found almost anywhere, for a reasonable price; in addition, it is easy to grow in our own backyard too.

Medicinal Benefits of Spinach

spinachResearch has shown Spinach to be one of the densest nutrient foods, which contains Niacin, Zinc, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folate, Calciym, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and many other essential nutrients required by our body. It is a very healthy food which is low on calories but high in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which is required by the body.

It is also a good source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamin E, selenium and proteins. The bright green leaves are rich in flavonoids which are good antioxidants, which help the body increase its immunity to diseases.

The phytoecdysteroids present in Spinach increase glucose metabolism, in addition to increasing the muscle tissue growth. Another healthy nutrient in spinach known as glycoglycerolipids, helps in protecting the digestive tract from damage due to inflammation. The vitamin K, required for healthy bones can be supplemented by a cup of spinach alone. The green leafy vegetable is a rich source of calcium and magnesium too, which makes it an excellent caretaker of our bones.

Including spinach in diet:

  • Prevents constipation
  • Helps in digestion
  • Protects against prostate cancer
  • Brings down blood sugar levels
  • Heals inflammation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps fight psoriasis, keratinization, and acne
  • Keep wrinkles away
  • Maintains strength and density of bones
  • Prevents cardiovascular and nervous problems

Spinach Salad

Remove the roots and wash the Spinach clean. Cut into pieces. Bring the water to boil and add the Spinach to the boiling water. Cook for 1 minute. Strain out the water and use this for salads along with other vegetables and dressing. The spinach salad is effective to lose weight, relieve constipation, lower blood pressure, besides providing other health benefits.

Spinach Soup

Prepare spinach soup, adding spices of your choice, onions, vegetables and other healthy vegetables. If consumed before meals, this is the most effective way of losing weight. The soup will provide all the nutrients for the body, and satiates hunger thus reducing consumption of unnecessary high calorie food.

Spinach for Insect Bite

Crush fresh Spinach leaves and make a paste out of it. Rub and stick this paste over insect bite like Bee, wasp or itching due to caterpillar fur for quick relief from the itch.

Spinach Juice

Clean fresh spinach leaves and extract their juice. The juice can be either had with lemon, honey, carrot juice, orange juice, banana or any other ingredient of your choice. The raw juice, free of fiber and pulp, is abundant in Vitamins and other nutrients which has numerous health benefits.