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Tulsi: Holy Herb of the Medicine World

Tulsi is a considered to be a holy plant and worshipped by Hindus early in the morning and in the evening, all over India. Commonly known as Holy Basil, the plant is known as Ocimum tenuiflorum in scientific world; the shrub belongs to the family Lamiaceae. Though not known for its edible flavors, the plant has great medicinal properties which are known to heal a lot of common ailments of human body and mind. Even in busy crowded cities, Vaishnavite clans of Hindus devote a small place to grow this plant for religious purposes. In the past, the plant served in cases of medical emergencies too.

Medicinal Properties of Holy Basil

The way Tulsi plant is worshipped gives clue to its healing power and medicinal properties. The leaves of the Tulsi are excellent tonic for nerves; they also sharpen memory. The herb when taken appropriately is known to promote overall good health and well- being with enhancing effect on mind and emotions.

Not many herbs can claim to have stress relieving properties in them like the Tulsi does. Recent research has proven the most compelling fact that holy basil possesses great potential in stress relief and relaxation. Tulsi functions as an adaptogen that enhances the body’s natural response to physical and emotional stress. The world moving at an extremely fast pace, has brought tremendous stress and psychological problems into our society. This property of Tulsi is very significant and can be a blessing to the world. The herb is also being studied for its effects in treatment of cancer, especially as an adjuvant in the harsh radiation therapy to minimize the suffering of the patients.

Other health benefits of the herb include:

Fresh Tulsi Leaves

Chewing 12 leaves of Tulsi, twice daily, in the morning and night is known to prevent stress to a great extent. In addition, it removes body toxins, purifies blood and promotes overall good health. For nasal congestion, inhale steam of the water in which Tulsi leaves have been boiled for instant relief.

Heals Fever and Malaria

Make a paste of 5-7 leaves of fresh Tulsi, add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. This mixture is known to quickly heal fevers and also bring down symptoms of Malaria.

Stops Nausea and Vomiting

Powder dried Tulsi seeds, mixed with a spoon of curd or honey is an excellent remedy to stop vomiting and nausea.

Tulsi Tea

Bring water to boil, add few leaves of Tulsi and leave it for some time. The water can be consumed 5-8 times a day for relief from cough, cold and fever.

Relief from Joint Pain

Mix equal amount of Tulsi leaves extract with ginger extract and apply on the aching area for relief.


Prepare a mixture of 10-12 black Tulsi leaves, 7 almonds and 4 powdered cardamoms; use it whenever indigestion takes place.

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