Melissa: A Cure-All Sweet Balm

Melissa, commonly referred to as Lemon balm due to its citrus like fragrance resembling lemon, is a member of mint family. Scientifically known as Melissa officinalis, belonging to Lamiaceae family, it is a perennial plant that blooms with small white, or light yellow flowers ...Read More

Sandalwood: Tree with Exotic Fragrance

Sandalwood, scientifically known as Santalum, belonging to Santalaceae family, is an exceedingly aromatic wood that has high religious significance, especially for people of Japan and India. Of the 16 known species of Sandalwood, the three popular species are Santalum Album, Santalum Spicatum and Santalum ...Read More

Tea Tree: The Medicinal Plant of Native Australians

Tea Tree with botanical name Melaleuca alternifolia, belonging to myrtaceae family is a shrub native to Australia. The tree grows to reach nearly 20 feet in height. The narrow soft leaves are used to extract oil which is commonly marketed as Tea Tree Essentail ...Read More

Strawberry: The Deliciously Healthy Fruit

Strawberry is a fruit that entices people all around the world with its exotic bright red color, unique spots, amazing aroma, utterly delicious taste, appetizing texture and yummy sweetness. Scientifically known as Fragaria ananassa, strawberry is not a berry at all; instead, it is ...Read More

Coconut: The High Functional Food

The coconut palm, scientifically known as Cocos Nucifera belongs to the Arecaceae family of palms, which is widely grown in the tropical regions. The tall palm with cylindrical trunk which can reach the height of 100 feet has leaves and 10-20 clusters of nuts at ...Read More

Kiwi Fruit: Emerald Delights of Good Health

Kiwi fruit, scientific name Actinidia deliciosa, commonly called earlier as Chinese gooseberry is a egg sized, oval shaped, fuzzy, edible fruit, with a unique sweet flavor. The flesh of fruit is white in the centre, surrounded by distinctive green, in which tiny dark purple ...Read More

Cherry: The Beautiful Super Fruit

Cherry, scientifically known as Prunus, is a small fleshy fruit with single seed known as pit, belonging to Rosaceae family which includes plums, almonds, peaches and apricots. Cherries are sought after for their delicious taste as much as for their aesthetic value in decorating ...Read More

Lavender: The Aroma of Peaceful Sleep

Lavender or Lavandula are 39 varieties of fragrant herbs that produce spiked flowers in beautiful color of pale tint of violet, which has given the color its name. The herb belongs to the Mint family of Lamiaceae and is native to Eurasia. The attractive ...Read More

Grapefruit: The Fruit of Paradise

Grapefruit, scientifically known as Citrus Paradisi is an energizing, aromatic fruit that is known to be a hybrid of Pomelo (Shaddock) and Sweet Orange. The botanical name of the fruit translates to ‘Fruit of Paradise’, no wonder the fruit comes with heavenly health benefits ...Read More

Tulip: Third Most Popular Garden Flower

Tulips are spring blooming bulbous perennial plants that bear one of the most beautiful flowers of various hues and colors. Scientifically referred to as Tulipa, belonging to the family Lilaceae, or family of Lily, there are over 100 different species of the plant, that ...Read More

Watermelon: The Fruit Brimming with Antioxidants

Watermelon scientifically known as Citrullus lanatus and belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae, is a fruit ranked high on the charts of people who lead a healthy lifestyle, since it is very low in calories, and yet contains the best antioxidants, potassium and vitamins like ...Read More

Vanilla: The Orchid of Most Enchanting Flavor

Vanilla pods or beans are the only known edible fruit from the thousands of varieties of orchids found around the world. The vanilla pod used for flavoring is extracted from the flat-leaved vanilla scientifically classified as V. Planifolia belonging to the family of Orchidaceae. ...Read More

Banana: The Largest Herb with Dressed Fruit

Banana is an edible fruit of the largest herbaceous flowering plant, belonging to the genus Musa, of the family Musaceae. The delicious food comes with a unique skin that can be easily peeled off; it makes it appear as though the fruit is wearing ...Read More

Olive: Gift of Mediterranean to the World

Olive is sought after for its delicious and nutritious oil and green/black fruit which gives a zesty taste to salads, pizza and cooking of meat. The tree that lives for centuries is widely cultivated. It is an evergreen tree that is native to Mediterranean ...Read More

Rosemary: The Memory Booster

Rosemary, botanical name Rosmarinus officinalis, also known as anthos, belonging to the family Labiatae, is a plant with aromatic leaves and beautiful flowers. The evergreen plant has been used for aesthetic purposes in home gardens due to its beautiful pale blue, purple, white and ...Read More